"Eric is an excellent and highly skilled senior BI / DWH consultant. Within the Business Process Development Solutions Dept of Sony, Eric naturally and rapidly became a leading figure among a group of in-house and external developers. His structured and analytical mind, combined with his creativity and calm approach to difficult issues, made him a reference point for any discussion about BI / DWH developments and even db set-up.

Eric is a professional: he knows the content, understands how to communicate, he is trustworthy and perfectly capable to offer consistent quality - a rare competence within IT/BI/DWH consultancy. In addition to that, Eric's personality made him very appreciated by all team members and management. I can highly recommend Eric as a BI / DWH consultant."

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

Philippe Vanden Broeck, Project & Application Manager at Sony ISE

"Eric was called in to take over a datawarehouse project which was halfway into analysis. He was confronted with a tough and demanding environment and a brand new, for him unknown ETL tool (Sunopsis, which later turned into Oracle Data Integrator), but he managed to turn the project around and make it a big success in a short amount of time. 

Eric applied all his knowledge and skills to standardize the ETL environment and apply it to many different business areas, making it the default ETL tool for all the BI projects across various business groups. His dedication and commitment resulted in lean and efficient customer focused solutions. 
I really enjoyed working together with Eric."

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Hans Van Eylen, Manager Architecture & Operations Team, Sony VOE

"Eric's rigorous and thorough approach impressed me from the very first moment. His contribution was a considerable asset in a business that was totally reliant on its ability to process and exploit large volumes of data. Eric always had this passionate desire to contribute something positive, creative and well-structured to the business. His commitment to quality and to usability of his output was a guarantee for our company and I believe for his company too, because if you have people like that you can only build durable ties with customers. behind the rigorous IT expert, I also came to discover a pleasant personality and that is really a rare combination."

Alex Papanastassiou, Director Product Management, MACH (Kinnevik Group)

"During the time I worked for Proximus as Datawarehouse analyst and designer, I have worked with Eric on several projects. Eric clearly showed his professionalism. He kept a clear administration of things that were decided and why. Although Eric and I have a different mother tongue, our communication in English - the language we share - posed no problems at all. During times that we worked on different projects, I sometimes used Eric as a "sparring partner", to discuss problems and solutions. He is a very good listener and has a clear understanding.

Sander Robijns, Data Warehouse Architect, Belgacom Mobile Business (Proximus)

"It was a pleasure to work with Eric at Mobistar. His experience in data modeling was excellent, next to this he could easily adapt his way of working to now technologies (UML)." 

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative 

Ivan Schotsmans, Head of Data Management Strategy, Mobistar

"Eric is an excellent BI-DWH consultant with a professional customer oriented approach. Very reliable as partner" 

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity 

Peter D'Haeyer, Solution Architect & Project Manager, Siemens Business Services